River Ocean Birds, (c) Mark Nessel 2014

Run Dog Run, (c) Mark Nessel 2014

Red Sunset, (c) Mark Nessel 2014

Golden, (c) Mark Nessel 2014

Fog, (c) Mark Nessel 2014

Orange Sun, (c) Mark Nessel 2014

Canopy, (c) Mark Nessel 2014

Sun Dog, (c) Mark Nessel 2014

Small Waterfalls, (c) Mark Nessel 2014

Chiropractic, Massage and Natural Health Care

in beautiful Yachats, Oregon

including Naturopathic Healing and Acupuncture

Relieving Pain, Restoring Normal Motion and Health

Across from the post office at 162 Beach St


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To promote healing in the individual and in turn promote a healthy community.


Offering excellent, affordable health care, education and personalized wellness programs for the health and well being of our patients and their families.